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DotNetNuke SiteMap Submittal, Warnings and Priority Rules

This is the Google webmaster tools warning that perked my interest in the current state of affairs of DNN's sitemap.  You can partially address this issue by making a few super-simple updates as detailed in my previous post, but if you really just need this message to not show up (because you have clients who get nervous when they see such things) you can change the default page priority value from "0.8" to "0.5" (or less).  Fortunately, starting with DNN version 5.0.1, the default value is now "0.5" so no worries for all you early-adopters who have already moved to using DNN 5.0.1 as your production environment...

To change the default page priority value:  

Look inside SiteMap.aspx.vb for the line that sets SITEMAP_PRIORITY to a value of "0.8". Change the value from "0.8" to "0.5" and save the file.  All done!


2013 Nov  46  1
2013 Oct  795  8
2010 Jul  16302  8


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